I'm currently available for commissioned artwork.

Find information below about my process for working on commissioned original artwork across mediums. Thank you.

For drawings and paintings:

I work in pen-and-ink or watercolor. The two are very different processes for me, with my drawings focusing on cross-hatching with bold black areas, while my watercolor paintings are tightly rendered and colorful.

I work in smaller sizes, usually less than 11" x 17", but am open to larger work.

For sculptures:

My sculptural work is focused on wood carving. I carve in two separate styles, bas-relief and "in the round."

Bas-relief is a shallow carving style, where an image is elevated from a recessed background. Bas-relief carvings are meant to be viewed from one perspective, and can be thought of as a sculptural image. 

"In the round" carving is a piece that can be viewed from all sides. Figurative carving falls into this category. Generally carving "in the round" is a longer process, depending on the content of the imagery.

Due to the time commitment invovled, I take on a limited number of commissioned sculpture projects per year.

Get in touch:

In your initial email, please provide a brief overview of what you are interested in commissioning. This can be as specific as a portrait of someone, or as general as an abstract representation of an object or idea.

If you see a piece on my site that is in the realm of what you might be interested in, please reference it.

A minimum 4 - 6 week lead time is required for commissioned work, with more complicated projects taking longer. 

I can be reached at panuskastudio@gmail.com. Thank you!

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