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Walnut Drawing Caddy

$65.00 USD

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Drawing Caddy in Black Walnut hardwood.  

A tool I made for myself, and found I use it every day. I want to make it available to other creative people.

Simple organization for your creative tools, and allows you to move your set-up easily with one hand.

Carries 5 pencils, watercolor brushes, makers, x-acto knives, rulers, pens, the list goes on.

Additional space at the top for other tools.

Includes a 3/4 once jar to act as an inkwell or hold paint.

Hand-made by myself in my wood shop in western North Carolina, using locally felled and sourced lumber.

Finished with all natural shellac, linseed oil, and beeswax.

Approximately 5" x 10"

Made to order. Please expect a 1 to 2 week production timeline. 

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